Dangers Of Smoking – The Top Five Dangers Of Smoking

Even though everyone knows that smoking is harmful for many reasons, it’s important to refresh people’s memories about the dangers of smoking. There are some strides being made with getting young people to understand that smoking is not a glamorous thing or a cool thing and instead interpreting smoking as a disgusting and harmful thing. Kids are becoming more health-conscious, and that is being translated into their actions. Fewer kids are smoking cigarettes than ten years ago, but there are still a lot who are. That’s why it’s helpful to remind people, especially young people, that there are very real dangers of smoking cigarettes. Here are the top five dangers of smoking cigarettes.

1) Lung cancer: Lung cancer is perhaps the worst health consequence of smoking cigarettes. If someone gets smoking-related lung cancer, they are in for a very difficult road, and an expensive one, where they might not reach the other side of that road. If lung cancer is developed, there are medical procedures and drugs that can help, but if a person has smoked long enough to develop lung cancer, they are going to have a difficult time getting over that illness.

3) Emphysema: This disease originates in the throat typically and is characterized by the tissue of the throat deteriorating. It’s not a pleasant disease to get and is primarily caused by smoking cigarettes.

3) Heart disease: One of the dangers of smoking is that it can lead to heart disease. Someone with heart disease is susceptible to having a heart attack. Eating poorly can also influence this health issue, meaning that someone that smokes and eats a lot of cholesterol is at especially high risk of developing heart disease.

4) Bad breath: Although bad breath is not as bad as, say, lung cancer, it is still a consequence of smoking. It can lead to people avoiding talking to you closely or even failed first dates if your breath smells like cigarettes when you lean in for a kiss at the end of the night. Bad breath is not a pleasant trait to have, and it can really stigmatize a person if they become known as having bad breath.

5) Lower lung capacity: People who smoke, even if they exercise regularly, have a lower lung capacity than someone who doesn’t smoke. That’s because the tar from the burning cigarette coats the lungs when it is inhaled. Walking up a staircase can prove a difficult task for a smoker.

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